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Adetokumbo and Holiday praise Young as “he is a great player”

In the first leg of the East Conference Finals with the Hawks in the enemy territory, the Hawks won the first leg of the series at 116-113.

Bucks took the lead of 9 points, which was the largest in the game in the second quarter, but Hawks reversed in the third quarter and took the lead of 8 points. About 5 minutes remaining. When Janice Adetokumbo sank a jump shot while hitting Clint Capela, he sank a long pass from Drew Holiday who took a defensive rebound in the following possession, and Bucks who sank a three-point shot and consecutive points on the holiday. Taken the lead with 105-98.

However, in this playoff, the Hawks, who have won many times in a come-from-behind victory despite being robbed of the double-digit lead, show tenacity in this match as well. Even though he took the lead in the clutch time, he narrowed the gap with John Collins’ layup, 3-point shot, and Trae Young’s free throw. Then, in the remaining 29.8 seconds, Capella screwed the floater that Young removed into the ring and succeeded in reversing with 112-111, winning with a final score of 116-113.

The Hawks scored 48 points and 7 rebounds and 11 assists for Young’s playoff career high, 23 points and 15 rebounds for Collins and 12 points and 19 rebounds for 2 assists and 1 steal 1 block for Capella.

Young, who recorded two more points in the enemy territory up to the career high of 50 points that he hit in February last season, commented after the game, “I have loved road games since I was in middle school.” “I like playing against spectators and other teams on the road. It feels more like being with my team and uniting our group.”

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Collins said, “It was important to endure and keep trying. I was able to do it to the end today.” I looked back.

On the other hand, Bucks, who lost his first match at home, couldn’t keep up with Young, who was in great shape, although Adetokumbo scored 34 points, 12 rebounds and 9 assists, and Holiday scored 33 points and 10 assists.

Adetokumbo praised Young as “he’s a great player,” and said of Young’s measures for the next race. “We have to make him as tough as possible and we have to be physically in touch. We don’t want him to be on the free throw line. We don’t fight tough from the first minute to the last minute. Don’t do it “

Holiday also praised Young, “He’s a great young player.” “He’s a threat everywhere on the court. We have to get him to rush to shoot and find a way to take advantage of the defense.”


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