“Have you ever seen sugar this cute?” “Cute sugar” with animal motifs – grape [グレイプ]

grape SHOP is an online shop that handles a wide range of items such as cute accessories and convenient household goods.

Among the many items, we would like to introduce the “Cute Sugar” series, which is attracting attention.

Recommended as a gift! “Cute Sugar” Series

Handmade sugar craft “cute sugar”

“Cute Sugar” is all handmade.

Sugar is molded into various shapes such as birds, puppies and kittens, and decorated with icing to create adorable looking sugar crafts.

Not only can it be used as sugar, but it can be stored for a long time as long as it is kept away from direct sunlight and moisture, so you can enjoy it as a decoration.

Depending on the type, there is also a type that has a unique mechanism hidden when you put it in a drink.

It is also recommended as a gift, so please check it out!

Long-tailed long-tailed tit

Purchase “Shimaenaga 2 box set”

bird and egg

Purchase “Bird and egg 2 box set”


Purchase a set of 2 puppies


Purchase “kitten 2 box set”

Fuchikake cat

Purchase “Fuchikake Cat 2 Box Set”

otter and fish

Purchase “Otter and fish 2 box set”

panda and bamboo leaves

Purchase “Panda and bamboo leaf 2 box set”

puppy spoon sugar

Buy Puppy Spoon Sugar

kitten spoon sugar

Buy Kitten Spoon Sugar

rose sugar cubes

Purchase “Rose Cube Sugar 2 Box Set”

small bakery

Buy “Little Bakery”

Grape SHOP is full of things you want!

At grape SHOP, we have many other wonderful items in addition to the “Kawaii Sugar” series.

Why don’t you look for a little reward for yourself or a gift for your loved ones at grpae SHOP?


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