Hate for TikTok, the boycott of Facebook, the little Twitter hacker and the news of Instagram


What to say to tearful teens who ask you about the future of TikTok? Donald Trump’s hatred for this social network of videos, the scene of music videos and innocent posturing of Generation Z, is beyond comprehension. Admittedly, TikTok belongs to the Chinese group ByteDance and would risk, according to its detractors, to transmit to its parent company valuable data on its 80 million American users. Their favorite brand of crisps? According to the latest news, the president would agree to go back on his promise to ban the site outright in the United States if Microsoft, a potential buyer of the American subsidiary, completely cut ties with the Beijing shareholder.

Vogue is one of the few magazines to offer an alternative and humane reading of presidential rage: it could be personal revenge. On the one hand, a genius comedian, Sarah Cooper, is broadcasting her hilarious playback covers of Trump’s interviews on the network. Then, thousands of kids organized a cabal on TikTok against the president’s meeting in Tulsa on June 20 in Oklahoma, multiplying the false reservations for the event, which ultimately did not fill half the room. USA Today, for its part, reveals that the campaign team of Donald Trump has been gauging for weeks, by a poll on Facebook, the reactions of the public to the possible ban of TikTok.

A boycott for nothing

It was to be the political campaign of the decade; the moment when the levers of capitalism could force Big Tech to virtue. In fact, if we are to believe Axios, the advertising boycott of Facebook by nearly a thousand companies, including major brands, had little effect on the quarterly results of the network colossus


Philippe Coste

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