Hartz and cordial: Hammer styling – Janine enchants with ice cream and roses

Hartz and cordial – Janine has always delighted her fans via Instagram with her make-up skills. Just in time for the first exam on the way to becoming a make-up artist, she now goes one step further.

They are hardly surprising, Janine’s really blatant transformations on Instagram *. Again and again, the “Hartz und cordial”* fan favorite is hardly recognizable on social media. Janine doesn’t shy away from colorful make-up creations – true to the motto: colorful, more colorful, Janine. Since she received a scholarship for a cosmetics course in October 2021*, of course, even more so. Much to the delight of her followers, from whom she can hardly save herself on various social media platforms from Instagram to TikTok.

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The elaborate make-up tutorials by the Mannheim native are particularly popular. But at the start of the year, she’s showing what she’s really capable of. And she has to, because the first exams are coming up at the make-up artist school! Janine’s job: she has to apply make-up to models for a photo shoot. And she presents the result to us – surprise! – of course also on Instagram.

Hartz and cordial: Janine’s photo shoot – “It looks so good”

Under the hashtags #prüfungpart1 and #prüfungpart2, she presents her fans with two series of photos that can undoubtedly be seen as convincing proof of her skills: she shows us a young lady dressed in winter clothes, eyes and lips in ice-blue contrast to the snow-pale face and the shimmering white Hairline under the black hood. Other photos show a model adorned with rose petals. A sight that inspires users. Because everyone agrees that this test can only be passed.

“Great makeup! Wow you can! I wish you with all my heart that you have a lot of success with it! And we still hear from you! Congratulations on passing the exam!” comments about Doris. And Diana agrees: “Mega hammer done, keep it up, you can be really proud of yourself”. “Oh wow that looks so good”, says Jenny too. Janine collects almost two thousand likes for the photo series within a very short time – but of course she doesn’t forget to say thank you for the opportunity that was offered to her: “Thank you for letting me do your makeup”.

Hartz and cordial: Janine passed the exam – the dream is getting closer

For a long time, the single mother of twins has wanted to really start her professional life – and one thing above all: get away from the job center! There can hardly be any doubt that this can very soon become reality with the help of the scholarship. And after all, she had shown in the recent past that she knows her craft*, as MANNHEIM24* has reported several times. Certainly such successes of the “Hartz und cordial” stars take the wind out of the sails of all critics. Only recently had RTLZWEI (once again) had to listen to public allegations that the social documentary was “misery tourism”*. Well, the best counterexample is here. (mko) *MANNHEIM24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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