Harry’s desperate friends: Meghan as the worst NIGHT!

Other people who don’t like Meghan Markle (39). This time, however, it is not about fans, colleagues and the like, but about the close people of Prince Harry. The former actress became a thorn in the side of a red prince’s friends. They say Meghan has more than full teeth.

According to historian Robert Lacey, who wrote The Battle of the Brothers about the Harry Dispute a Williama, Prince Harry’s friends have Meghan Markle for a real nightmare, and she is to blame for the fact that the brothers may never reconcile again. “Meghan can be a 500% nightmare. It’s her never-ending PR – she’s a classic American woman! … she is characterized by a combination of self-promotion and self-pity, “ According to Lightning, one of Harry’s friends, with whom others agree, said, according to Lightning. “It makes the reconciliation that many hope is difficult,” added the historian and writer. Meghan thus became one hundred percent the most hated person in the royal family.

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