“Harry Potter” 20 years ago Miao Li married Ron En, the original confession of truth, the whole network dumbfounded

The classic fantasy series “Harry Potter” was released for the first time in 2001, which set off a magic craze around the world. After the main storyline was broadcast, the “Monsters and Their Origin” series of movies were derived. It can be said that the craze has not retreated so far. , “Harry Potter” movie is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and fans are still curious, why did the heroine Miao Li choose Ronn instead of Harry? The original author JK Rowling confessed the reason during the interview, and the answer made everyone dumbfounded.

The story of the classic movie “Harry Potter” mainly revolves around the actor Harry and his close friends Miao Li and Ron En. All three of them are students of Gryffindor College. They accompany each other from childhood to become adults and join hands. Through life and death, Harry Potter finally married Ginny, the younger sister of his friend Ron En, and Miao Li nodded to marry Ron En, and their children also entered Hogwarts to study.

On the line of love, many people cannot accept this pairing, and even have two factions “Harry X Miao Li” and “Rong En X Miao Li”. According to the “Sunday Times” report, JK Rowling was interviewed by “Wonderland” magazine. In response to this matter, she said frankly: “Miao Li promised to marry Ron En may be wrong.” She felt that she should marry Harry better. She also revealed that Miao Li and Ron En had a problem after marriage and needed marriage counseling. She also frankly said that she should marry Harry. Marrying two people is a kind of “wish accomplishment”, it has nothing to do with academics and literature. When I wrote, I knew that this pairing would be upset by fans, but she did not regret this decision, thinking that distance gave her a different perspective on this matter. “This is for my personal reasons, not to convince her.”

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This personal reason has caused fans to speculate, because Rowling has repeatedly said that she is very similar to Miao Li, and Ron’s character setting is based on her childhood sweetheart Sean Harris. The two have been ambiguous, but in the end they couldn’t walk together. Therefore, fans believe that the reason why Miao Li married Ron En is to make up for JK Rowling’s regret during her youth.

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