Hamilton reigns in Italy, where Sainz presents himself as a competitor (Laia Bonals)


The Mercedes-Hamilton tandem is light years away from the rest. The British driver has won for the sixth time this season – out of eight Grands Prix – the first position in the starting grid for this Sunday’s race. This time it was at the Italian GP (3.10pm, Movistar F1), at the Monza circuit. This is a favorite track for Hamilton, who has now reached his seventh pole on this track, just on the day he set the fastest lap in the history of F1 with an average speed of 263 km / h, with which he broke the record of Kimi Raikkonen two years ago. Not only do Mercedes have no rival, but Hamilton is intractable on the tarmac.

Valtteri Bottas, Hamilton’s teammate in Mercedes, is the only one who can keep up with him, but the perfect driving style of the Briton has not allowed him to achieve the pole in none of the last races of the World Cup – the other two GPs in which Hamilton has not taken the pole Bottas has succeeded. The Finn will start from second position, just ahead of Carlos Sainz, who has managed to match the best rating in his entire career. The McLaren driver, who has overtaken Racing Point and Max Verstappen (RedBull) – the main favorites in this third position – has consolidated his best time in a last lap in which he himself has admitted that he has suffered. too.

Sainz surprises while Ferrari doesn’t lift any

Who has not surprised, unfortunately for the team, is Ferrari. The Italian team is unable to resume flight and its two pilots have not even been able to reach Q3. While Sebastian Vettel fell in Q1 – and will be seventeenth -, Leclerc was not in the top ten – thirteenth position – and could not compete for the first places on the grid in Q3. Since 1984 it has not happened that there was no Ferrari in the top ten on the starting grid of the Monza circuit.

In an attempt to equalize the World Cup and reduce Mercedes’ advantage over the other teams, the International Motoring Federation (FIA) decided that the Italian GP would be the first to implement a change in regulations: the well-known Party Mode would be banned. It is a special way to configure the car that allows more power in the qualifying sessions. Despite the organization’s attempt, nothing has changed and the two Mercedes have been the best throughout the session.

This Sunday’s race is the last in the calendar initially implemented by the FIA ​​- up to nine more have been added – and there are few surprises. The reign of Mercedes is only consolidating, while Ferrari fails to solve its many problems in cars. The Italian GP can be a turning point or a ruling for both the World Cup and the teams.


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