Hamilton appreciates having days like those in Monaco to learn


On the streets of Monte Carlo, Lewis Hamilton had one of his worst weekends in many years. From the first minute on the track, the British driver was quite uncomfortable at the wheel of the Mercedes W12 and this was reflected in the final result.

Losing you learn more

Accustomed to winning or at least being among the first both on Saturday and Sunday, the Mercedes driver did not manage to pass from seventh place both in qualifying and in the race throughout last weekend, although seeing everything more coldly, now thankful for having such difficult careers.

These were the words of Lewis Hamilton in this regard, despite the fact that during the race he was quite critical of his team and with the decision-making of the Mercedes wall: “I’m so much more than grateful for having shitty days, because they are days like this when you learn more “.

Not being used to being on the less good side, the British rider acknowledged that it is in the hardest moments when you learn the most: If you win all the time, you learn less. I think there is a lot to learn from this weekend and we don’t have all the answers to what happened, so we will have to go find them. “.

Finally, Lewis Hamilton once again defended the team and wanted to make it clear that beyond the results, they remain united in the good and the bad: We don’t like to blame someone and I believe that no one should be pointed the finger, no one should be blamed. We win and lose as a team, we have very open discussions, with all the honesty in the world and there is nothing personal between us “.

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