Hamburg’s authorities organize cross-departmental cooperation against right-wing extremism

The current situation report for right-wing extremism for the northern German coastal states with the participation of the Hamburg State Office for the Protection of the Constitution comes to the conclusion that right-wing terrorist threats can continue to arise anytime and anywhere. Activities are increasingly shifting to the Internet, increasing the reach of right-wing extremist propaganda and are suitable for accelerating processes of radicalization. Right-wing extremists are increasingly taking up the population’s fears, reinforcing them and also creating points of contact with non-extremist circles (e.g. current attempts to dock with the protest movement against the corona measures).

The right-wing extremist attacks in Hanau and Halle, the attack on a Jewish student in front of the Hamburg synagogue and, last but not least, the murder of the Kassel District President Walter Lübcke show how important it is to make every effort to ensure democracy and social cohesion in all areas of life to promote and strengthen. In Hamburg, the state program against right-wing extremism “Hamburg – City with Courage”, which has been in existence since 2013 and was updated in 2019, forms the basis for the many state and civil society activities against right-wing extremism. In order to meet the growing challenges, the cross-departmental cooperation is to be expanded and restructured. The technical expertise of the various authorities should be bundled in the authority competence network and new impulses should be set in the fight against right-wing extremism. The focus here is also on close exchange with science and civil society.

Social Senator Dr. Melanie Leonhard: “Every day in Germany people are victims of right-wing violence. These acts show that right-wing extremist ideas pose a real threat. In order to meet these challenges in Hamburg, we are bundling all available forces of the authorities with immediate effect. Together with the various actors, it should be even better in the future to identify and counter right-wing extremism in good time. In a democratic society we have no place for racism, misanthropy and violence. “

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Interior Senator Andy Grote: “Right-wing extremism currently poses the greatest threat to our free, democratic community. Right-wing extremists are more active throughout Germany, more closely networked and systematically seek social contact. As security authorities, we are following a very consistent and ambitious course and oppose right-wing extremism at all levels. We have taken important measures here with the cyber unit at our State Office for the Protection of the Constitution or the new Central Legal Information Center at the LKA. Now it is important to dovetail our work even more closely across the various authorities and to become even more powerful together in the fight against the right. “

School Senator Ties Raven: “Right-wing extremist slogans, xenophobic hatred and violence have absolutely no business in schools and educational institutions. So that everyone feels safe in the school environment, we are in an exchange with other bodies from the authority competence network in order to continue to work together against racism and exclusion. In the fight against right-wing extremism and violence, good political education, pedagogical prevention work and education for democracy in schools are central means. “

Justice Senator Anna Gallina: “Right-wing extremist ideas poison society. Manipulate, divide and incite hatred and agitation from the right. Again and again we have to experience painfully how words are followed by bloody deeds. We must counter these attacks on people and the basic values ​​of our democracy with commitment, determination and unanimous agreement. The effective fight against right-wing extremism and group-related enmity also challenges the judiciary. Right-wing extremists are particularly well connected in social networks. We are therefore continuing our work against hate speech intensively. Hatred and agitation on the Internet are not without consequences for the perpetrators. We want to ensure more and, above all, qualified advertisements through our coordination office ‘OHNe Hass’. “


Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science, Research, Equality and Districts: “Right-wing extremism must have no place in our society. It is important to bundle all forces against all forms of discrimination, hatred and contempt. Racism, sexism, misogyny or agitation against minorities always start small. We must never tolerate this. Together we have to stand up for freedom, tolerance and social coexistence. Our free and democratic basic order is a fragile good that needs to be protected. We are all called on every day to oppose the inhuman ideology that right-wing extremists try to spread in everyday life, at school, at work or online. That is why it is right to network even better – and at the same time strengthen our diverse, colorful urban community. “

Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media: “Populism and nationalism are a dangerous breeding ground for right-wing extremism. Free art and culture and free media are the cornerstones of an open society. It is good and important that the Senate is united and, together with civil society, opposes right-wing tendencies in society. The network of authorities and the exchange with experts from different areas send a clear signal that right-wing ideas have no place in Hamburg. ”

On Wednesday, March 31st, a digital public authority day took place, in which the authorities for social affairs, home affairs, education, justice, science, as well as culture and media are involved. In addition to lectures and discussions on current research results, there will be an exchange on the challenges of politics and civil society in the fight against right-wing extremism.

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# sharpen your eyes: From now on, anti-Semitic, racist and right-wing incidents in Hamburg can be reported online to the new information point “memo”. The digital information point is part of the Hamburg project empower – advice center for those affected by right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic violence (Work and Life Association). Affected, relatives and also uninvolved witnesses can anonymously provide information here if they have observed or experienced an anti-Semitic attack, racist graffiti or right-wing agitation. The systematic collection and documentation should make it clear how often anti-Semitic, racist or right-wing incidents occur in Hamburg. In this way, politics and civil society can take even better action against inhumane acts and attitudes in Hamburg and provide even more targeted prevention offers. The empower project and the new information point are funded by the federal program “Live Democracy!” And the social welfare authority.

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