HALO Trust will use Spot robot dog to help Ukraine clear unexploded ordnance – Viewpoint · Observation – cnBeta.COM

Foreign Policy quoted people familiar with the matter as saying:The U.S. Army has decided to provide one of two robotic dogs to a non-profit organization to help clear landmines and other duds in Ukraine.It is reported that HALO Trust is a demining company that has won many US government contracts. The company will use the Spot quadruped robot dog made by Boston Dynamics to clear leftover mortars and cluster bombs in a former Russian-held area near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.


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It is reported that although minesweepers can complete the training in six weeks. However, since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, it has been difficult to recruit scattered personnel together, so the importance of robots is self-evident.

Chris Whatley, executive director of HALO Trust, pointed out that in a test last year, Spot performed well in a small, unstable region like Ukraine.

By replacing the dog’s head with a robotic arm, Spot is expected to help them safely clear unexploded ordnance — hauling the collected 50-100 duds into a pit and then centrally destroying them away from civilians.

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