Half the price of going to see CH in Florida, all expenses included

Even when calculating the hotel, flights and quarantine, it is twice as cheap to go to the CH in Tampa, Florida as it is in Montreal.

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Some research has led to the conclusion that it is clearly more advantageous to fly, to afford a good hotel near the Amalie Arena in Tampa, and even to pay the costs of the mandatory quarantine on return to Canada to go see 5e final match.

The trip, which includes the round-trip plane ticket, hotel, game ticket, mandatory drug test, and hotel quarantine, is calculated to cost nearly $ 3,000.

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And when you’ve been vaccinated twice, it could be even more interesting, since travelers can be exempt from hotel quarantine from July 5.

Meanwhile, the price of tickets to the Montreal Canadiens’ home games for the Stanley Cup final is soaring, in particular because of sanitary measures, which allow only 3,500 fans to attend the games.

Just to go and support Sainte-Flanelle in their first game at the Bell Center on July 2, you have to pay a minimum of $ 5,400. And it takes almost $ 1,000 more for the second game on July 5, or about $ 6,200.

If the Canadian needs a 6th game to win the cup, then it will be necessary to stretch between $ 7,150 and $ 35,000.

Lucky Quebecers

In Florida, some Quebecers were able to seize the opportunity to see this historic final.

Mauro Maltoni, a Quebecker staying in Hollywood Beach, Florida, anticipates this “golden opportunity” to see the Canadian play such important games 28 years after winning the Cup. He bought tickets for games one and two for him and his wife.

“You have to take advantage of it when you’re here. Ticket prices are reasonable. It really is something special [d’avoir la chance de voir le CH en finale] », Explains Mr. Maltoni, who will make nearly 415 km to go to the Amalie Arena.

For their part, Jean-Benoît Girard and Martin Bouffard, two Quebecers who also reside in Florida, will attend the first game of the Stanley Cup final together this evening in Tampa.

Savannah Larivière, his father Jean-Benoit Girard, and Martin Bouffard.  The two friends will attend the first meeting in Tampa.

Courtesy photo

Savannah Larivière, his father Jean-Benoit Girard, and Martin Bouffard. The two friends will attend the first meeting in Tampa.

“Tampa Bay and Montreal in the final, it will never be seen again. Because of COVID, it allows me to see the final between the two places where I live, ”explains Mr. Bouffard, who had rushed to his computer to buy his ticket.

Because of the pandemic, the National Hockey League (NHL) had to reshuffle the divisions to respect health measures at the borders. The Canadian was able to play earlier in the playoffs against teams he would normally face in the final.

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Even if the two friends consider that they have paid dearly for their evening, $ 800 per ticket, to be in the back rows, they take comfort when they see the exorbitant prices at which tickets for the Bell Center are being sold.

“It’s just too bad we’re doing this to the most ardent fans of hockey in Montreal. […] They should let in more people, especially for the final, ”thinks Mr. Bouffard, who would have watched the game with the crowd in front of the Bell Center rather than inside if he had been in Montreal.

Ready to pay top dollar?


  • Regular price: $ 600 to $ 1,875
  • Resale: $ 5,325 to $ 35,673


  • Regular price: $ 424 to $ 1,629
  • Resale: $ 387 to $ 8,166

Montréal (1993)

A ticket to the Forum during the last CH final: $ 38 = $ 62 in today’s dollars

* Prices in Canadian $. Prices may vary from match to match. Tickets are still available at the regular price in Tampa, but not in Montreal.

Less expensive to go on the road

For Game 5 in Tampa, July 7


  • Ticket for the game: minimum $ 955

By plane

  • Flight: July 7 – July 8: minimum $ 640.40 with Air Canada *


  • Hotel: 12 min walk from Amalie Arena: $ 186.98
  • Mandatory quarantine at the hotel on return: $ 974.58 **


  • Screening test 72 hours before return: $ 200 (carried out in Quebec 72 hours before return to Montreal)

Total : 2956,96 $

For Game 6 in Montreal, July 9

Minimum price: 7157 $*

Taxes included*

Free to speak in Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Lightning finally ended a policy that for six years barred spectators from wearing an opposing team jersey in several sections of their arena during the playoffs, meaning Canadiens fans will be able to wear their tricolor vest in enemy territory.

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At the time, the team used the excuse that season ticket holders complained that they were too often surrounded by supporters of other teams.


The jersey policy was revoked this season, when an employee was caught on camera insisting an 11-year-old boy remove his Florida Panthers jersey in the first round of the playoffs.

The video sparked outrage on social media before the Lightning abandoned the measure.

Chicane between the CH and the mayoress of Montreal

Less than 24 hours before the start of the Stanley Cup final, the City of Montreal was not yet sure whether it would be able to organize outdoor screenings of the match.

“As the CH advised us not to have the resources […] for these viewings, we are continuing the work, ”tweeted yesterday evening Mayor Valérie Plante, who was also awaiting the green light from Public Health.

The Canadian claims to have provided supplier contacts to the city to facilitate the event.


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