Haiti – Disinformation : The Ministry of Education denounces a fake video

Haiti – Disinformation : The Ministry of Education denounces a fake video
23/06/2022 10:20:42

The Ministry of National Education has become aware of a video circulating on social networks where students are violent on a person who would be a supervisor who would participate in this year’s exams.

The Ministry would like to point out to the general public in general and to those who work in education in particular that this video has nothing to do with this year’s exams.

A simple scan of the footage clearly shows children wearing their unique high school uniforms as this week is the 9th grade exam where national schoolchildren are wearing blue checkered uniforms. In addition, an examination center includes all types of public and private school students and all types of uniforms.

The Ministry vigorously denounces all manipulations on social networks aimed at spreading disorder, in particular this year when reports from the Departmental Directorate of Education have informed the Ministry that all activities have taken place without violence in 930 examination centers of the countries, including more than 300 in the Ouest department.

The Ministry is already considering when and where to take appropriate action in this regard against the malicious instigators who disseminate this video.

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