Hairless dogs: the 3 breeds recognized by the FCI

I hairless dogs recognized by the FCI (International Cynological Federation) are 3: lo Xoloitzcuintleoriginally from Mexico, the hairless dog of Peru and the Chinese Naked Dog or Chinese Crested Dog. We tell you about them in this article.

Hairless dogs, what are they and why are they “naked”?

As we have mentioned, there are 3 recognized naked dog breeds: it Xoloitzcuintleil hairless dog of Peru and the Chinese Naked Dog. But, in reality, there are many other hairless dogs, coming from different parts of the planet. From Manchuria (Tai-tai) to the Caribbean, from Argentina (where it is known as Pila) to Brazil, from Paraguay (the Yagua) to Ethiopia (Dog of the Sands), from Turkey to Congo, from Abyssinia to Bolivia ( the Khala).

Ma what the lack of hair is due to? It seems that this feature is due to a dominant gene which also causes skin hyperpigmentation and the absence of molars and premolars, so much so that in these dogs the incomplete dentition is not a defect for the standard. To tell the truth, alopecia is almost never total, since some hair can be present on the forehead and nape, on the feet and at the tip of the tail. But let’s get to know the protagonists of this article better.

Xoloitzcuintle, the hairless dog of the Aztecs


Lo Xoloitzcuintle it is a very attractive primitive type dog, with an elegant and slender appearance, moderate in all respects, expressing speed, harmony and strength without appearing coarse.

The Mexican hairless dog, while maintaining a certain “primitive” spirit that tends to make him a bit stubborn, accepts pampering and attention. He is a lively partner but also very sweet, faithful, playful and patient with children. It binds to all members of the family and can easily coexist with its peers or even with other animals, if used since a puppy. With strangers he tends to be shy, so much so that the standard and medium sizes have an aptitude for vigilance, but he will never be aggressive or biting.

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It is an ideal house dog although, being dynamic and athletic, it loves running and long walks. Its “nakedness” makes the skin seem warmer but, in reality, its body temperature is identical to that of dogs that have hair and the lack of premolars, a characteristic of the breed, does not affect optimal chewing.

The lack of hair helps prevent infestations with parasites such as fleas and ticks but requires some attention: the skin must be hydrated regularly and in summer it should be protected with sun creamsto avoid sunburn, while in winter the use of a coat is a must to avoid colds.

A curiosity: for Aztecs this dog was linked to the passage into the afterlife as a companion and, therefore, particularly important in their culture.

Peruvian Hairless Dog

Peruvian Hairless Dog
Peruvian Hairless Dog

The Peruvian “nude” is a pet dog elegant and quick, strong and never coarse, noble and affectionate in the family but reserved with strangers, alert and good guardian of the house. The head is lupoid, the muzzle straight, the teeth almost always incomplete, the eyes slightly almond-shaped, from black to yellow depending on the color of the skin, the ears broad at the base, of medium length, carefully erect and folded back. at rest.

The tail is set low and thick at the root, thinner at the tip. It has muscular and well upright limbs. The skin is smooth and supple but can form almost concentric folds on the head, around the eyes and cheeks.

Cane Nudo Cinese o Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dog
Chinese Crested Dog

It is a very old breed whose origins date back to at least 12 centuries before Christ, a period in which, in China, it was considered a companion dog. The fact that dogs with fur have always appeared in the litters has given rise to the sympathetic belief in the Chinese that hairy siblings are born on purpose to keep naked ones warm!

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Temperamentally this dog is playful and very fond of the master. The head is smooth or without exaggerated folds and with a graceful appearance, the skull slightly rounded, the strong jaws with scissor joint, the thin but not pointed muzzle. The ideal crest of hair must start from the nose-frontal depression and end at the level of the nape, preferably made up of long and elegant hair. The eyes are so dark that they appear black, the ears are set low and are large and straight, with or without fringes. The tail is set high, neither curled nor deviated, with long fluffy fringes.

The body should not have hairy areas and the skin is smooth and warm to the touch. All colors are allowed.

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