Hagen: Fire brigade saves helpless swan from the tracks

There was an animal mission for the fire brigade: A swan got lost on a railway track. The emergency services were able to save the animal:

There was an animal mission for the Hagen fire brigade: The emergency control center of Deutsche Bahn AG reported a family of swans on the tracks in the Hengsteysee/Lennemündung area. The control center then sent a fire engine and an all-terrain vehicle to the reported site.

Animal is brought back to the mouth of the Lenne

On site, the written confirmation of the route closure was awaited before the first forces began to search for the swan family. In fact, a swan was discovered a few meters further in the area of ​​the railway bridge, which was apparently uninjured and had strayed onto the tracks.

No other family members were to be found in the track area. The swan could be caught with a cloth and then brought to the mouth of the Lenne in a transport box. There the animal could be released unharmed into nature.

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