Hachiko de La Raza: Faithful dog waits for his owner outside the CDMX Metro

It is not known for sure what happened to the owner of this puppy. Photo: Shutterstock

Hachiko It’s one of the dogs most famous in the world, this thanks to the fact that his story of love and fidelity came to the cinema to win the hearts of all pet lovers, and although this dog is originally from Japan, Mexico City (CDMX) also has some tender tenderloins that have captured the attention; Such is the case of the furry one who waits for his owner outside the train station. Metro The race.

  • It was thanks to social media that this sad story went viral.

Why did they call him Hachiko of Metro The Raza?

According to stories being told on Twitter, Facebook and outside the Metro The race from CDMXand dog medium-sized, brown Creole, meets every day at one of the entrances of Line 3, where he waits for hours.

They speculate about the mission of the dog that waits

Some versions indicate that the little animal awaits the arrival of its owner, a woman who never returned from work, so it is unknown if she died, disappeared or simply moved house and decided to leave her faithful pet behind.

  • The truth is that no one knows for sure what Hachiko wait in the Metro La Raza.

This is not the first time that an animal from CDMX has gone viral on social networks for showing its great love for the human being in charge.

Just to mention a few, let us remember that, last May, a loin transcended in the media for staying next to the body of his friend, a homeless man who died outside the Candelaria station.

A few days ago, the story of a boxer who did not detach himself for a second from his owner, who died crossing Plutarco Elías Calles Avenue, in CDMX, was also told.

Do you remember any other dog that went viral for its display of fidelity and love?

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