Ha Sung Woon from Wanna One will hold a concert tour “FOREST &” in Korea in October! “I did my best to prepare” –Kstyle

Photo = Star Crew ENT

Ha Sung Woon from Wanna One will hold a national tour concert.

The national tour “FOREST &” starts in Busan. Starting from the performance at KBS Hall in Busan on October 2, it will end at Daegu EXCO on the 23rd after passing through the Seoul Olympic Park for three days from the 8th to the 10th.

The national tour “FOREST &” scheduled to be held in July this year has been postponed due to a four-step upgrade that puts a social distance due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

Star Crew ENT said, “Everyone did their best to prepare for this tour while thoroughly adhering to the government’s new coronavirus epidemic prevention guidelines.” “Not only the fans but also Ha Sung Woon himself prepared for a long time. I hope it will be a meaningful time because it is a performance. “

The national tour concert “FOREST &” is a healing camping concept that will comfort and energize fans tired of the new coronavirus.


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