“Gypsies, pests, parasites”. Police are investigating a racist text about the tragedy in Bohumín


The article appeared on the VlasteneckeNoviny.cz server. The author of the article writes about the dead as “gypsies”, “pests” and “parasites”. “The police are already saving it,” the interior minister said. The police subsequently confirmed on Twitter that they were dealing with the text. “Police officers have been dealing with the racist article published in Vlastenecké noviny since the morning. We always pay absolute attention to such cases,” the police said.

On Sunday morning, Deputy Mayor of Bohumín Igor Bruzl refuted the information that it would be a racially motivated act. “Apparently there was a family celebration in the apartment. According to our information, this was not a neighborhood dispute or a racially motivated act. All indications are that it was a family dispute. We want to stop the rumors that are spreading through the city, “said Bruzl. “The vast majority is not an ethnic group, they were representatives of the majority. By no means did all the eleven people who died died in the apartment. It was a family celebration, which was probably attended by a guest who was not invited there, and the celebration ended tragically. But I speculate and I would rather leave these courts to the representatives of the Police of the Czech Republic, which is investigating the whole case, “he continued.

The case aroused the disgust of many people. For example, director Jan Hřebejk, Minister of Agriculture Jan Jurečka and others commented on it on social networks.


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