Gymnastics Mat Educational Mat Exercise Instrument Gymnastics S-9765 LOOKIT Office Furniture Interior [ls-s-9765]

Gymnastics mat Non-slip type W900 × L1800mm Canvas No. 9 

Item Number LS-S-9765
Status New (made in Japan)

A sanitary mat that is safe for small children and women!

A non-slip gym mat used in physical education classes and athletic facilities.

It is safe because it has antibacterial, deodorant, deodorant, and antifungal specifications.

Comes with a handle that is convenient for moving.

It is very safe as well as hygienic.

■ Product Safety Association SG certification standard compliant product ■ It is a product that has passed the product safety association standard as a safe product.

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canvas size Item Number


W900×L1800×H60mm LS-S-9765
W1200×L2400×H60mm LS-S-9766
W1200×L3000×H60mm LS-S-9767
W1200×L6000×H60mm LS-S-9768

number 6

W1200×L3000×H60mm LS-S-9769
W1200×L6000×H60mm LS-S-9770
W1500×L6000×H60mm LS-S-9771

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Material Orderless processed canvas, hard Mira sponge, synthetic sponge, non-slip canvas
size W900×L1800×H60mm Canvas: No. 9 Weight: 11kg
Color Please check with the image

postageB rank / sheet(Delivery to the eaves)

Please be sure to check the shipping table by rank below as the shipping fee varies depending on the shipping destination.

As this is a made-to-order product, it will take about 2 to 3 weeks to ship. (Excluding weekends and holidays)

remarks Gymnastics Mat Exercise Mat Mat Exercise Educational Mat Antibacterial Deodorant Antifungal Antibacterial Mat Anti-Slip Instrument Gymnastics Gymnastics Jump Box Vaulting Box Class Gymnastics Gymnasium Equipment Physical Education Faculty Physical Education Equipment School Education Facility Sports Facility Sports Facility Sports Center Sanwa Gymnastics Japan Sponge combination mat non-slip type orderless Odorles S-9765

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