Gwen Stefani joins the growing list of artists and celebrities ready to TAKE ON the WOKE cancel MOB culture. – The right scoop

The list of celebrities and performers who are fed up with wide-awake censorship has gotten A LOT sexier. Singer, songwriter, clothing manager and fan of “Harajuku” culture and street clothes Gwen Stefani AIN’T. TO SEE HER.

This shit is bananas. The gorgeous rocker and pop star (Yeah. She does all kinds of music. Get some culture, newbs.) Popular dress style in Japan and also had Japanese dancers who wore the same style.


I’m not kidding that they’re going after her. Margaret Pork Chop did a big opinion piece on this topic that I won’t relate to in the early 2000s, whistling and invoking “minstrel shows”. Guess what Gwen Stefani did?

Nothing. She ignored fatso and continued to be hot and exercise her freedoms. And in a new interview, she was asked about her feelings on the matter and she hasn’t changed her mind.

Via Gateway Pundit :

“I had this idea that I would have a group of girls – because I never had to hang out with girls – and that they would be Japanese, Harajuku girls, because those are the girls that I love. These are my pals, ”Stefani told Paper. “This is where I would be if my dream came true, I could go live and hang out in Harajuku.” “

Stefani also insisted that the rules of cultural appropriation divide and stop sharing beauty.

“If we didn’t buy, sell, and trade our crops, we wouldn’t be so beautiful, you know?” Stefani said. “We learn from each other, we share from each other, we grow from each other. And all these rules only divide us more and more.

IS IT BIG ?? It’s almost like she has AMERICAN VALUES.

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I thought it was dead in the arts. But apparently not. She’s not in love with social media either, which puts big, giant hearts in my eyes.

“I think we grew up in a time when we didn’t have so many rules,” she said while looking beautiful. “We didn’t have to follow a story that was edited for us via social media, we had so much more freedom. “


You have to love a talented, smart and beautiful beautiful singer who isn’t afraid to tell people to let her be herself. Isn’t that what America is?

BTW, Blake Shelton… congratulations brother. Yours.

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