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When will the nesting life end?
If this happens, I have to enjoy Shima-san’s recipe.
GW is the easiest ingredient for the usual refrigerator! Makeover into a luxury recipe! Don’t hesitate to menu anymore!
Let’s make everyone smile with Shima-san’s recipe.
The hot topic “Legendary housekeeper” Shima’s virgin work“Shima-san’s premium making”Has exceeded 21 prints and 170,000 copies. This book of “Cooking Recipe Book Grand Prize Cooking Category Winning Works” is the only virgin work in the world of Mr. Shima.
Furthermore, the momentum of “From the kitchen to the kitchen-Shima-san’s memory recipe 31” does not stop. This is the first Shima-san book to break new ground as an “essay-style recipe book.” In a newspaper book review, “Shima, in her twenties, was trying to run even if it was full of scratches.It’s too painful and my chest hurts」「What you eat becomes your body, your heart, and your lifeWas praised by the University of Tokyo professor.
“Tandry chicken”, “farmer’s vegetable soup”, “ratatouille”, “pork boiled in beer”, “rice nice salad”, “roast beef”, “Assi Palmantier”, which I have never eaten at home A lot of secret recipes from French home cooking such as “Hayashi rice”, “Menchi cutlet”, “Chocolate mousse” to Japanese, Western, Chinese, ethnic and snacks are recorded, and it is surprising that even people who do not usually cook can make it quickly and easily. That’s right.
Why do ordinary ingredients in the refrigerator transform into a higher-grade “easy! Luxury recipe”?
If you remember this, even fathers and mothers who are busy on weekdays may be respected.
This time, the editorial department has begun collecting the voices of families who are actually asking Shima to work.
Why do users repeat Shima-san so many times?
The editor in charge of this book will deliver a report that approaches the mystery again.
(Composition: Yoji Terada)-(This is a reprint of the article dated May 12, 2018)

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Shima’s recipe
What is the best of the best?

As I mentioned earlier in this series, Shima-san was making recipes while doing cooking classes while on a business trip.

What kind of conversation is going on there? Continuing from the last time, let’s talk to a beauty accountant.

“Mr. Shima came to my houseSecond timeWhat was the atmosphere like? “

“I and my niece (20 years old this year) taught me how to cook, and all the family and relatives who gathered when it was completed were happy.

 Lamb with ratatouille is an oven toasterEven though I baked it inPerfect rose pink and exquisitewas.

others,Potato gratin, carrot soup, couscous salad, chicken ham, quiche (recipe in this book)I received.Everything was wonderful and deliciousis. Everyone was expecting the next time as soon as possible. “

“As expected, an episode called Shima-san! What is Sakura-san’s favorite recipe for Shima-san?”

“After all, thisRose pink rum dish with herbsis not it”


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