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Hello, my dears. We have a large guinea pig pen. My guinea pig lady is/true pregnant. There are still 3 cubs around 2 months old in the enclosure (one male and 2 females). We only recently let the male cash in.

So now to the actual topic. My guinea pig lady, who is also the mother of the others, is pregnant, as I said. Normally she doesn’t have an appointment until September (according to my bill). Well I’m feeding this morning and unfortunately there are 4 dead babies in the enclosure that weren’t fully developed yet. They were also “clean”.
I immediately thought “oh no please don’t”
I’ve now noticed that my lady still has a big belly and I’m wondering why. She still looks pregnant. It wasn’t like that with the first litter, I saw less than 24 hours after the birth that she was slim again. Now I have the suspicion that one of the younger ones was pregnant after all and lost the little ones, because my partner once said that one of the little ones is somehow fat.

My lady also looks as if something is moving in her stomach.
She shows no abnormalities and eats normally. As a precaution, I have separated her from the others so that she has some peace and I can observe her.

Can it happen with guinea pigs that she has stillbirths and still thinks about one thing but in her stomach??? So maybe it’s a stupid question, but there are always exceptions or strange coincidences.

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