Guide dogs may move more freely

© Alexander Avilov / AGN Moscow

Visually impaired people moving with the help of guide dogs in places not intended for walking animals are offered not to be fined. The corresponding bill prepared by the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Territory is planned to be considered in the second reading at one of the plenary sessions of the State Duma in the autumn session.

The current legislation excludes the possibility of free movement of pets on the roadway, as well as in elevators and courtyards of apartment buildings, on children’s and sports grounds. In addition, owners who walk their pets are required to do this only in special places, ensuring cleanliness and order around.

However, the authors of the bill note that for the visually impaired, moving exclusively with the help of guide dogs, compliance with these requirements is impossible. An animal that helps its owners navigate in space and exchange information with the outside world should be with a person at all times.

“At the same time, the functionality of a guide dog excludes the presence of a muzzle, which does not allow the animal to perform such a duty as lifting the owner’s cane or other things dropped by him,” the explanatory note says.

Therefore, the bill proposes to provide visually impaired people with the right to move freely with their pets in social, engineering, transport infrastructure and recreational facilities without further complications, including in the form of a fine.

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