Guatemala: Arrested Policemen Advised How to Kill Victim

The Special Prosecutor Against Impunity of Guatemala (FECI) on Tuesday managed to arrest four police officers who, through text messages, colluded with a man where they advised him how he should “get rid” of a person, after in a first attempt failed to want to assassinate him.

The detainees are Cinthia Fabiola Menéndez Ardon, Urlin Eliú Cruz Valenzuela, Jorge Armando Morales Carrera and José Samuel Chavez Suar, police officers accused of denial of justice, passive bribery and self-concealment who have colluded with Miguel Enrique Ramírez Dávila.

Aura Marina Méndez Chávez, Ramírez Dávila’s wife, was also arrested for obstructing the criminal action. Ramírez Dávila, has not yet been arrested.

Ramírez Dávila has alternative prison measures for having tried to kill Arnoldo Peralta Iboy, by shooting him in the neck on September 4, 2020 in the municipality of Amatitlán in Guatemala. After shooting him, he put him in a vehicle and abandoned him in a vacant lot, but the victim survived, called for help and was taken to a hospital to recover.

After initiating the investigation of the attack on Peralta Iboy, raids were made in which a mobile phone was seized from Ramírez Dávila in which he had registered communications with four police officers from the Amatitlán police station, three men and one woman assigned to the police unit. personnel, motorized unit and unit of investigators of crimes against life, from one day after the attack.

Among the communications found, the police reported to the aggressor the evolution in the hospital of the victim and that he was still alive.

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According to the prosecution, the victim had a monetary debt with Ramírez Dávila and on the day of the attack, the latter went to collect the quota of about $ 650 that the victim paid.

The police officers also notified Ramírez Dávila when the victim left the hospital, but he also required them to change the police report that is delivered to the Public Ministry and that is used in the investigation to divert attention to the aggressor.

“There we will see how, anything, you know,” was the response of the police.

The police agent Cinthia Fabiola Menéndez Ardón, of investigations of crimes against life, was in charge of asking the perpetrator for bribes to keep him informed and away from the investigation, even sending the data of his bank accounts to deposit the bribes.

In one of the text messages, the motorized police officer Jorge Armando Morales Carrera tells Ramírez Dávila that it would have been better to have killed the victim.

In October of the same year and in the same town, the body of Peralta Iboy was found, the victim was killed by several bullet wounds made with a shotgun by unknown persons. His body was left on the public highway.

According to the FECI, at the beginning of the investigation the investigating agents received threats, persecution and intimidation from their colleagues from the Amatitlán police station and from relatives of the aggressor. This prosecutor’s office, which is in charge of the most serious corruption cases in the Central American country, also investigates cases where criminal structures operate.

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