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[Epoch Times, May 31, 2021](Reporter Chen An compiled a report) The Alberta Fish and Wildlife Association stated that they have captured a grizzly bear that killed a woman near the water creek last week and will attack it. Carry out euthanasia.

On Tuesday, a 68-year-old woman was killed by a bear on her own land near the Water Creek Valley in Mountain View County, about 80 kilometers northwest of Calgary.

Officials from the Fish and Wildlife Association said a grizzly bear seen in the area has been showing aggressive behavior.

On Saturday, officials captured two large female grizzly bears near the scene of the attack.

One of the bears is breastfeeding, but does not seem to be actively breastfeeding, nor is it accompanied by cubs. The other bear is older and has severely worn teeth.

Officials collected DNA samples from the two bears, confirming that the older grizzly bear was responsible for the deadly attack.

The DNA test concluded that neither bear was involved in another deadly grizzly attack that killed a man while running in the Waiparos Village area earlier this month.

The association stated that according to the guidelines for the management of the interaction between people in Alberta and bears, the bear who attacked the woman will be euthanized on Saturday.

“This decision was never taken lightly. This decision was made to prevent further attacks from that bear. The second bear will be released at a pending location. All traps will be removed from the area.”

The association stated that due to the unusually high number of bears in the area, residents are required to continue to be cautious.

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A bear biologist in Canmore said that fatal bear attacks are very rare.

What to do when you meet a bear

The Provincial Fish and Wildlife Association stated that anyone who encounters a bear in the wild should follow these steps:

• Keep calm and don’t run. Stay with your team and keep the kids close.
• If you see cubs or animal carcasses, please step back. The bear will want to protect them.
• Prepare to protect yourself with bear spray.
• Go back and leave the way you came. Stare at the bear, don’t stare at it aggressively.
• Find a hiding place, such as a car or building.
• Speak to the bear in a soft, low voice. Let the bear know that you are a human and not a prey.

Bear sightings can be reported to the 24/7 Poacher Hotline in Alberta at 1-800-642-3800.

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