Greyhound dog strikes by the length of his neck and compared to a giraffe

Broken Brodie It is a sighthound dog that went viral on social networks because of its neck that was compared to that of a giraffe. Photo: Instagram.

Broken Brodie It is a sighthound dog that went viral on social networks for looking like a giraffe, due to its long neck.

This puppy was rescued by a woman named Louisa Crook when he was a puppy after a car hit him and hurt him all over his body.

Before the fatal accident, Brodie A front leg and shoulder had to be amputated after this event.

Its owner told the Daily Mail that “Brodie is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen. and that he is a fan of his race ”.

“I am a fan of sighthounds and Azawakhs are one of my favorite breeds. Even in the state Brodie was in when I first saw him, unable to walk and in so much painIt still took my breath away, ”he said.

The Instagram account of this puppy has more than 25 thousand followers and in the profile you can find multiple photographs and videos of the animal that cause tenderness among all the users who comment positive things towards the canine.

What are sighthounds like, the breed to which does Brodie belong?

The lebreles They are a breed of dog that are mostly taller than they are long, as they have long and narrow heads and have a great sense of sight.

Due to the physical constitution of this breed they are used for racing, as they reach a good level of speed.

However, in the last decade they have been introduced as companion animals for people living in Europe.

For example, in Spain they are also known as greyhounds, because that is the name given to the breed in general.

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