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According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 10,000 steps a day are ideal for staying physically healthy. Depending on your height, this is about six to eight kilometers. A gazelle in Mongolia should be particularly fit: As the standard reports, the animal covered more than 18,000 kilometers in a period of five years. That corresponds to almost ten kilometers per day and halfway around the world in distance.

Researchers from the Senckenberg Institute and the Wildlife Conservation Society originally fitted 15 gazelles with GPS transmitters, one of which lasted particularly long. So they could track a female animal for a large part of her life; her route over snow-covered hills and through roaring rivers now reads “like an adventurous travelogue”. Important finding: Because Mongolian gazelles usually move in herds, the impressive distance should not be an isolated case.

When it comes to physical fitness, we’ll be orienting ourselves towards even-toed ungulates in the future, but we’ll start Thursday with our press review. Pleasant reading!

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