Great evening of concerts this Saturday for the Estiv’Oc festival – Medialot

The Parti Collectif, Mauresca Fracas Dub and the group Peldrut will be the headliners of this colorful evening!

On August 6, 2022, the great Estiv’Oc Concerts evening will take place from 7 p.m. on the grounds of the former Lalbenque campsite, near the swimming pool and the cemetery. Meals prepared by the association will be served throughout the event. Come and spend an evening of languorous, poetic and vibrant rhythms to the sounds of Occitan and Brazilian music and voices!

Estiv’Oc will host the Parti Collectif orchestra, which came specially from Bordeaux. The group was born from a shared ambition to venture on the roads of collective re-creation, between a flamboyant Brazil and a proud and generous Occitania. Popular, festive and trans-generational, the Parti Collectif and its 11 musicians will thrill festival-goers.

Straight from Montpellier, the famous Occitan group Mauresca Fracas Dub (Occitan rap and dub) will alternate French and Occitan to bring you into the dance whatever the style. Hiphop, traditional music, ragga, rock and reggae have fun crossing paths in the service of lucid and humanistic lyrics. Mixing festive and rebellious spirits in a unifying and peaceful way, Mauresca awakens the legs as much as the conscience!

The Peldrut group (trad oc) made up of four young and dynamic Lotoise musicians will invite all festival-goers to continue this weekend of trad dances. Djephaistos, the faithful fire-eater of the Festival will in turn impress the entire public.

> Admission: 5 euros minimum.

> For more information contact 06 76 08 63 57 / 06 34 48 56 37 /

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