Great Britain, guardian wanted for uninhabited island in Scotland

The Scottish authorities are looking for a guardian for the small Martin Island, in view of the influx of summer visitors, who arrive during the day to enjoy the two beaches, a micro museum and a hill where they can practice birdwatching. The island, which is located near Ullapool on the west coast of Scotland, is uninhabited and aims to attract individuals or couples, who would be the first to live there permanently for the first time in 30 years.

I work three hours a day for £ 150 a week

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Among the attractions of the Martin Island, there is also the first seaweed festival held from 6 to 12 September. The job takes about three hours a day, in exchange for accommodation and £ 150 a week: you will have to “do some cleaning, keep the three houses on the island ready for guests, clean the public toilets, welcome visitors and make sure that comply with Covid security measures “, explained the director of the local trust, Becky Thomson.


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