Granholm confirmed as US Secretary of Energy

The United States Senate confirmed on Thursday the appointment of Jennifer Granholm as Secretary of Energy, a key position to fulfill President Joe Biden’s promise to target a green economy to combat climate change.

The vote was 64-35 in favor of the former Michigan governor. Fourteen Republicans, including bloc leader Mitch McConnell, voted in favor.

Granholm, 62, served two terms as governor of a state dominated by the auto industry and ravaged by the 2008 recession. She has promoted emerging technologies such as electric vehicles and battery manufacturing to offset job losses during the transition from fossil fuels towards clean energy.

He thanked the senators in a tweet and said that “I am obsessed with creating well-paying jobs in the clean energy sector in every corner of the United States in order to confront our climate crisis. Let’s do it!”

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Joe Manchin said Granholm has the leadership, vision and compassion necessary for the Department of Energy to “develop innovative solutions to the climate challenge” while conserving jobs.

During his confirmation hearing, Granholm said that “we can buy batteries for electric cars from Asia or make them in the United States. We can install wind turbines from Denmark or manufacture them in the United States. “

Sen. John Barrasso, the commission’s top Republican, said Biden “apparently wants to end America’s dominance in energy. That is why my conscience does not allow me to vote for her postulate as energy secretary.

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