Grace, found dead the day before her 24th birthday in Pompeii: suicide hypothesis

She was being treated by a psychiatrist, but was not assiduous in taking medicine. He suffered from mood swings. He had started refusing food to the point of anorexia. This is the picture, reconstructed by Agi, behind the death of Grazia Severino, the girl found dying and unconscious by a man who went to get his car yesterday afternoon in Pompeii in the driveway that leads to the garages of a building in Via Carlo Alberto. The first evidence, reports the Agi, had led to think of an episode of brutal violence, including a sexual one. It investigates.

Today the young university student would have turned 24. For her, the 118 intervention that yesterday took her to the emergency room of the San Leonardo hospital in Castellammare di Stabia was of no use. The prosecutor Antonio Barba of the Procura of Torre Annunziata, with the carabinieri, arranges inspections and searches throughout the building in Pompeii.

The first report of the rescuers, reports the Agi, had made us think of an episode of brutal violence also of a sexual nature: broken ankles, three blade wounds in the chest, abrasions in the private parts, liquid. But listening to the victim’s family and friends, who lived with his parents not far away, in via Plinio, begin to outline another picture, supported by the discovery of the girl’s bag on the fourth floor of the building on the landing where it is open. a window, and then a pair of scissors. Grazia Severino, writes Agi, much loved by friends and family who looked after and assisted her trying to overcome the problems she had, may have taken her own life.

A first examination by the medical examiner puts on paper acts of self-harm occurred with scissors and fractures compatible with a fall. With the scissors, which she would have bought in the morning, the girl would have made cuts in her abdomen, not deep enough to cause death, but such as to suggest an attack with stabs.

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According to Agi, the girl may have found the open door of the building, going up to the fourth floor, trying to kill herself with the blades and then throwing herself into the void. Death would have occurred from haemorrhage due to the fall. A witness said she saw a girl full of blood running up the stairs of the building. It was thought of a chase: even this hypothesis does not find any investigative confirmation at the moment. The body is awaiting the autopsy and the investigations continue.

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