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Gouvães do Douro, in the municipality of Sabrosa, arrived to lifestyle this Saturday for the 1st edition of “Sabores de Gouvães”. Late afternoon and in the pot, completely ready to provide, was carqueja rice, a delicacy that attracted dozens of persons, and if it were not for the rain, much more would be.

Manuela Rocha, from the Associação Cultural e Recreativa de Gouvães do Douro, discussed to VTM that the objective of the initiative is “to endorse Gouvães products and solutions and put the village on the map”.

“If this variety of activity is not carried out, we eliminate the lifestyle that the village has and if that occurs, we conclusion up shedding our roots, reminiscences and, the natural way, people today. We want to attract people who have roots in Gouvães, but not only”, he adds.

Manuela Rocha goes more and even suggests that “we know that in winter season most of the residences are vacant, but the variation we have from other villages is that we don’t want them empty, that’s why the corporation of this form of events, to attract and, who you know, fixing individuals.”

The rice, made from carqueja (an herb utilised to make tea), and meat started to be prepared at 4 pm so that it was ready to be served by 7 pm.

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