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Born in Google’s In-House Incubation Area 120, “Grasshopper” is a programming education tool for beginners, where you can learn JavaScript step by step. It is not a visual programming type, but a programming language written in text as it is, but the operability and the contents of small steps are taken into consideration for beginners. It is perfect for adult beginners, so please try it.

It is an English version, and there is no Japanese version, but the code of the program is originally in English, and the explanation is only simple sentences. If you know English at the junior high school level, you won’t be in trouble. You can also use the translation tool only for the explanation part.

You can learn by advancing 8 curriculums one by one

When you open the “Grasshopper” page in your web browser, you will be greeted by a cute grasshopper. You can use it immediately by logging in with your Google account. In addition to being available from a web browser, there are Android apps. There was also an iOS version of the app, but it has temporarily disappeared from the App Store since March of this year, and it is scheduled to be released in a new version later this year.

Clicking Start coding today will prompt you to log in with your Google account

There are a total of eight curriculums, but it is designed so that you can start from the first “Fundamentals” in order without hesitation. Since the target is beginners, the previous problems and curriculum are locked and you can proceed one by one.

First course selection screen. Start with “Fundamentals”

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Gentle design that hardly allows text input

The screen of the tool is clean and easy to use, and it is devised so that you do not have to manually enter the code. When learning text code such as JavaScript, it is a simple description mistake that beginners tend to get stuck in. That point is also safe.

Web browser version screen. Easy-to-understand UI

At the first stage, a balloon will explain how to use it.

The task starts with a simple one that is easy to grasp visually, such as drawing boxes one by one, like this.

The challenge of drawing the French flag

If all goes well, I’ll be a little happy because it will celebrate with a flashy expression, albeit with a modest expression. Surprisingly, this kind of production is important.

If you can clear the task, proceed to the next

A mini test to check comprehension is also available

The contents of “Fundamentals” proceed in order of drawing shapes, variables, arrays, conditions, operators, loops, etc., but when it comes to variables, not only the ones that are output as pictures but also the characters are output. It also comes out that you just do it.

Challenges for understanding variables

There is also a mini test to check if you understand the concept, so you can proceed with peace of mind.

A check test to see if you understand the behavior of variables. Which one will be output when this code is executed?Problem

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We will proceed step by step in such a condition. You can learn the basic parts of the program.

Be careful when using web browser translations!

If you feel that English is a hurdle, you may want to display it in Japanese with a translation tool such as “Google Chrome”, but you need to be careful when using it. Even the code will be translated into Japanese, so if you do not return to the original text when you enter it, it will be confusing.

For example, this screen is …

I’m doing a task on how to use the If statement

It will be like this.

Part of the code is translated into Japanese and single quotation marks are in brackets.

You can also select only the descriptive text and apply it to Google Translate. Think of this as a practice to get used to English, so please try it as it is.

“Grasshopper” is currently available in Portuguese and Spanish in addition to the English version. There are quite a few tools out there that have not been translated into Japanese, so if you can use them in English, you will have a lot more options. There is also a mobile app, so it seems good to proceed comfortably as if you were playing a game while you are on the move. Please, try it!!

“Which one do you use? Programming education tool” started in 2019 in response to the start of programming education in elementary school from 2020, but from May it will be transferred to the companion magazine “Children and IT”. We will link to you from the top page of Window Forest every time, so please continue to read it.

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