Goodbye River, the German Shepherd who inspired Fallout 4’s Dogmeat

Goodbye River the German Shepherd who inspired the dog

One of the first places that can be visited in the nuclear holocaust-torn world of Fallout 4 is the Red Rocket gas station. Unexpectedly, there is no abominable creature inside that has sprung from radiation, but the game’s first trusted companion, Dog food. He is a German Shepherd, truly adorable to the protagonist, but ruthless against the enemies that inhabit the dystopian Boston of 2287. So we are not talking about a simple weapon, but a real travel companion during the game. Dogmeat is inspired, both aesthetically and behaviorally, by River, a German Shepherd, who has sadly passed away in recent hours.

The news comes from Joël Burgess, who describes River as a full member of the development team. Through Twitter, the director remembers the walks in her company and the relationship that developed between her and the people who worked in Fallout 4. Like River, Dogmeat has a protective and loving nature towards the protagonist of the game, who waits and follows with his eyes on walks among the radioactive ruins of Boston. “You see, Dogmeat doesn’t primarily focus on killing your enemies. It * protects * you, often throwing itself directly into danger, giving you the time and opportunity to deal with the threat on your own. If you’ve ever had a German pastor, you know, ”says Burgess in one of the many tweeter dedicated to Dogmeat / River.

It should be noted that Dogmeat is a recurring character in the Fallout series, starting from the third chapter of 2008. However, that of Fallout 4, thanks to the greatest technological resources, manages to express the essence of a real dog. River’s role was crucial in giving depth to one of the companion the most famous, as well as the only animal, of the entire series developed by Bethesda Games. Currently, the final chapter in progress is Fallout 76, the first to adopt the online multiplayer structure over the traditional single-player campaign.

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