Good weather and hot weather: how to protect your dog?

If you suffer from hot weather, so do your dogs. They too must hydrate well and pay attention to the sun to avoid heat stroke, an abnormal rise in their body temperature which must be around 38.5 degrees. So, what are the right things to do and what to avoid when taking care of your pooch in these temperatures?

Myriam and Natal are the owners of Fifine. Each year, with the hot weather, they are extra careful with their dog. “When it’s too hot, we stay in the shade”, explain Natal. “We come for a walk in the woods in the morning. In the afternoon, we still try to go into the woods with her. And we always have water in the car”, explains Miriam. These actions are the right ones if you want to protect your dog from the hot weather and prevent him from getting hot.

Hydration, cool the dog’s body, wet his paws: some tips

The most important point is to always have water to hydrate your pet. It is also important to cool them at the body level. “The best is to be able to put a cool, damp towel on their hairs. Do not wet them completely because the water comes into contact with the body and therefore they are even hotter but really put something that can cool it so either a towel or a vest made for dogs which can be put in the water and which allows them to cool “, details Frédérique Becret, veterinarian.

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You can also wet their paste. On the other hand, beware of received ideas, shearing your dog is rather not recommended: “As they are often on the ground, it helps ensure contact, so the dog has acquired certain habits. And the weather is very changeable in Belgium, you can easily lose 10-15 degrees. If you shave it, it can be cold. We really recommend brushing the dog well rather than shaving it completely “, she continues.

And at home? How to refresh them?

To enjoy at home with your dog, the signs are full of a lot of accessories. In this store, almost everything was sold in just two weeks, especially the swimming pools. But a multitude of refreshing accessories for your dog exist and are still available: “You have all that is bandana to cool the neck and the head of the dog. Then you have all that is accessories for the swimming pool, the floating toys. And toys to put in the freezer”, details Hélène De Wouters, saleswoman of the store. Perfect for summer!

Care products are also available and appreciated by customers, especially in the event of hot weather. “There are the refreshing lotions, it is a lotion only based on plants, made in Belgium. This lotion will refresh the dog’s skin, it will also relieve small wounds and it will ward off ticks and fleas”, she continues.

Last tip, be careful with the temperature of the ground, especially the tarmac and the sand which can burn the pads of our four-legged friends. In case of injury, disinfect them well with isobetadine and apply a healing cream.

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