Good deal iPhone 11: the price of the latest from Apple drops drastically


While waiting for the iPhone 12, the latest model from Apple, the iPhone 11, is currently displayed at an excellent price at Rakuten. A promotion which makes it possible to lower its price below 650 €.

Announced and released last year, the iPhone 11 is without doubt one of the bestsellers of the past 12 months. And as proof: various reports indicate that it is indeed the best-selling smartphone over this period, all ranges (including Android or iOS). No one doubts that the next models, the iPhone 12, are therefore particularly expected by consumers but here it is, there is a good chance that they will not hit the market for a little while. Without counting a first disappointment: apparently, they would not benefit from 120Hz, Apple thus going against one of the strongest trends of the current market. So while waiting to find out more, the iPhone 11 remains a very good alternative for those who want a quality iOS product.


iPhone 11 on Rakuten

649,90 €

Turning to the iPhone 11 is all the more interesting when it is offered at an extremely attractive price, more attractive than the base one, offered since its marketing last fall. Thus, if it was normally available for 809 € when it was released, now we can find it for € 649.90 at Rakuten, thanks to a nice discount of 150 €. An offer that would be a shame to pass up, especially for such a popular product. In addition, you can lower this price by taking advantage of a cashback or coupon codes all available at this address. And for those who are more looking for an Android device, then this offer on the Samsung Galaxy S20 + might interest you.

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