Good City’s Lucy Mallon reveals that she killed Ritchie Lennon whilst Tommy Dillon is arrested

Lucy Mallon reveals that she killed Ritchie Lennon Thursday night in Good City.

On Wednesday evening, Carol Foley and Sash Bishop had been stunned to discover that the drug dealer was dead and Tommy Dillon was arrested in connection with it.

But by the close of the episode, Lucy suddenly seemed to be in a hurry to fulfill her therapist Tyler, who appeared to be uncontactable.

Tonight they will see Sash and Carol keen for the news as they are the two introduced right here for questioning as two of the final messages sent from Ritchie’s cell phone had been for each of them.

When CCTV footage is delivered from the station, Carol feels like she and Sash are being taken care of as suspects.

DI McCabe proceeds to dig in the erroneous path and asks if Carol was obtaining an affair with Ritchie, and with Tommy Dillon who was mistakenly arrested for dying, it is not specified that the killer is strolling freely around Carrigstown.

Tonight, Lucy is anxious when Tyler calls Sharon’s dwelling declaring her cellular phone has been damaged. Talking uncomfortably from Sharon, Lucy normally takes Tyler to the group heart, in which she reveals that she was the a single who killed Ritchie Lennon.

Lucy tests Tyler with an admission of guilt

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“This is big, if people today obtain out … I killed anyone. That criminal on the news, Ritchie Lennon. I did it,” she tells him.

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Offering reassurance, Tyler tells Lucy that no matter what she tells him, she will “acquire him to my grave.”

Now that we know it was her, the up coming point we require to know is why Lucy of all people?

How extended will it just take McCabe to get to Lucy, and will she be equipped to pull herself out of this and allow Tommy get arrested for her murder?

See how the drama plays out on Good Metropolis, Thursday evening at 8pm on RTE 1.

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