Gongshan Border Management Brigade: Guard the clear waters and lush mountains on the border

Original title: Gongshan Border Management Brigade: Guard the clear waters and lush mountains on the border

Autumn is getting stronger, and migratory birds return south. The Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve, located at the junction of China and Myanmar at the westernmost end of the Hengduan Mountains, is still green and pleasant. Beautiful picture.

In recent years, the Gongshan Border Management Brigade has fully implemented the national ecological strategy, paid attention to the promotion of comprehensive management, and actively served the construction of Gaoligongshan National Park. Relying on the border police offices under the jurisdiction of the brigade’s border police stations, it has innovated and established an “ecological sheriff” to build and implement the “Ecological Sheriff”. “Ecological policing”, regularly carry out legal publicity and warning education on biodiversity protection, combined with the “Hundred Days Action” to combat and rectify public security in summer, continue to increase the crackdown on illegal crimes of wild animals and plants, and play a role in the ecological protection and high-quality development of Gaoligong Mountain positive effects.

Protect every bird and keep a good ecological environment

In the early morning of September 9, the police from the Cikai Border Police Station of the Gongshan Border Management Brigade found a single bird on the way back from the police. “For some unknown reason, this bird fell in the middle of the road and couldn’t fly.” Upon seeing this, the police took the “bird” back to the police station for careful care. The next day, the Cikai Border Police Station got in touch with the Forest Police Brigade of Gongshan County Public Security Bureau and identified the “little bird” rescued by the police as one of the three national protected birds – the night heron, which is a sub-adult. The police took good care of the “little bird” night heron and handed it over to the wildlife protection department.

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“Comrade police, today I went to work by the river and found an unusual ‘big bird’ that couldn’t fly, so I sent it to you Lae.” ——Ye Heron “visited” the Dulongjiang border police station twice. At about 10 in the morning, Wang Xinjing, a grid worker in Dulongjiang Township, was farming by the river when he found a strange looking bird struggling in the water, as if it was injured. Wang Xinjing believed that the bird might be a protected animal, so he immediately rescued the “big bird” and sent it to the Bapo Police Office of the Dulongjiang Border Police Station. Zheng Senpu, a police officer in the police office who received the “big bird”, observed and found that the “big bird” had a slender and pointed beak, and had tawny feathers on its back. Since he could not tell what kind of bird it was, he sent the picture to Gaoligong Mountain. Gongshan Management and Protection Branch of the National Nature Reserve. Confirmed by the staff, this “big bird” is a sub-adult bird, the night heron, one of the three national protected birds.

Coincidentally. At 19:00 on the same day, when the police of the Dulongjiang Border Police Station carried out a security patrol in the Pukawang group of Kongdang Village, they also found a night heron that was suspected of being injured. After the injured feet were disinfected and bandaged, the two injured night herons were handed over to the relevant departments.

In recent years, the frequent appearance of wild animals in Gaoligong Mountain also vividly interprets the excellent ecological environment of Gaoligong Mountain and the remarkable effect of biological ecological protection…

Continue to make efforts to promote publicity and build a harmonious ecological environment

Recently, the Platys Border Police Department, with the theme of “Protecting Biodiversity and Building a Beautiful Homeland”, carried out publicity activities on biodiversity protection in the jurisdiction by means of home visits and centralized publicity, and publicized the protection of wild animals and plants face-to-face to the people in the jurisdiction. Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, combined with typical cases of biodiversity destruction and the living habits of ethnic minorities in the jurisdiction, correctly guide the masses to consciously participate in the ranks of wildlife protection teams, not to hunt, kill, eat; educate the masses Do not enter the core area of ​​nature protection, do not burn waste in the wild, refuse to use precious wood products, do not participate in illegal trading of wild animals and various illegal and criminal acts that destroy wild animal resources, and strive to help people in the jurisdiction to raise awareness of biodiversity protection.

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The Prati border dispatched to carry out a biodiversity protection publicity campaign, which is just a microcosm of the Gongshan Border Management Brigade’s strengthening of biodiversity protection.

In order to build a solid ecological security barrier in the southwestern border area, the Gongshan Border Management Brigade closely integrates the main responsibilities of border management and control, fully integrates various social resources, compacts the main responsibilities of security in the border area, and strengthens the management and protection of forests, grasses, nature, etc. The departments jointly set up patrol routes that take into account border control and nature protection in a scientific and reasonable manner. Through investigations and other actions, a full-coverage forest resource protection and patrol network has been established, and efforts have been made to improve the public security prevention and control and ecological and biological protection networks in the border areas of Gongshan.

Through the establishment of “police police + auxiliary police + border guards + village cadres” law popularization team, go deep into the villages, schools, enterprises, units and other areas under the jurisdiction to carry out the “seven progress” popular science education activities, popularize relevant legal knowledge to the people in the jurisdiction and resident, The region has carried out extensive publicity and education on the protection of wild animal and plant resources, and comprehensively created a good atmosphere for the interaction between the police and the people and the extensive participation of the masses.

In recent years, the Gongshan Border Management Brigade has closely combined with the actual situation of the jurisdiction and the resident area, and has taken active actions in creating Gaoligongshan National Park, optimizing and improving the layout of protected areas in the Gaoligongshan area, and establishing a natural reserve system with Gaoligongshan National Park as the main body. The authenticity and integrity of the Ligong Mountain ecosystem are strictly protected, forming a trend that border control and biodiversity protection go hand in hand. On the 172.08-kilometer border, there is a beautiful beauty of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

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In the next step, the Gongshan Border Management Brigade will closely focus on the goal of “two districts and one resort” by the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and in accordance with the concept of “together with great protection and not great development” in Nujiang Prefecture, to further improve the Gaoligongshan country. The publicity and education of biodiversity in the park, increase the publicity of wildlife protection and education on relevant laws and regulations, popularize the knowledge of biodiversity protection for the masses, enhance public awareness of protection, and use practical actions to jointly maintain ecological security and build a harmonious ecological homeland. The construction of Ligong Mountain has become a model benchmark for the core area of ​​biodiversity conservation. (Xie Peng Yu Runqiang Su Zhen)

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