Goa Boa, the concerts at the Erzelli moved to the Porto Antico. “Technical, organizational and health reasons”

The first evening of Goa-Boa at the Erzelli (photo Fornetti)

Four dates from 30 June to 6 July have been postponed and rescheduled at the Arena del Mare

Genoa – The unforeseen events continue for the 2022 edition of Goa Boa Festival. After the postponement of the Blanco date and the brawl involving security personnel and rapper Big Vibe’s crew, the organization has announced the postponement of another four dates. “In light of technical, organizational and health reasons, with the utmost respect for the needs and expectations of the public and artists, it was deemed necessary to reschedule all the concerts initially scheduled for June and July, moving them to the Arena del Mare at the Porto Antico in Genoa ┬╗explained the organization of the festival on social networks.


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