Go vegan in Boston – Vegan restaurants and vegan grocery stores


Eat good and eat organic in Boston.

From a small seed planted, they grow big, strong, beautiful and… organic! The vegetables, seeds and all the sprouts that beautify your life, and your plate. A lifestyle, a life with style: eat vegan, think vegan, be vegan in Boston? It can be learned and it starts here.

Talking Vegan

Vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian… Huh !?

– Vegetarianism: No animal product

We know it, it is the individual who consumes only plants, but also some products from animals, such as eggs, milk and honey. The vegetarian does not consume meat or fish, or by-products, such as caviar (what a shame), gelatin …

Do not mix up

A vegetarian and a foal: a vegetarian feeds on plants, of course, but these plants are not only composed of plants. There are also algae, mushrooms, seeds, yeasts, roots… enough to make a feast. Yummy!

– Lacto-ovo vegetarianism

Unlike the vegetarian, the vegetarian lacto-ovo accepts in his diet only eggs and milk in addition to vegetables (fortunately, and cakes then!?).

The lacto-ovo vegetarian is subdivided, and also distinguishes lacto-vegetarian (plants + milk) and ovo-vegetarians (vegetables + eggs). Are you still following?

– Vegetalism: no animal product or from animals

The vegan consumes only plants, and does not touch or look at any animal product or by-product from the animal kingdom. Say goodbye to eggs, milk, honey, cheese, seafood – that doesn’t leave much on the plate you think. Think again !

– The Vegan: a vegan who does not tolerate any form of animal suffering, even indirect

The most advanced form of veganism, veganism or ” vegan »No longer consumes any product that results from animal suffering: No leather shoes, no woolen jacket, no beeswax candles, no makeup tested on animals …

Eat and drink vegan

Make your vegan meal at home

There are different food stores in Boston which offer vegan ingredients. Here are a few :

– Foodie’s Markets

This grocery family offers only organic and local products, at very affordable prices, presented by an adorable team, with a very full vegan section.