Global Women’s Day: Women from the Ministry of Protection collected all over a panel dialogue

In Togo, as almost everywhere in the world, the celebration of Worldwide Women’s Legal rights Day was marked by numerous functions. This day did not go unnoticed at the Ministry of Safety and Civil Defense. The feminine staff of this ministry noticed, on March 8, 2023, by a panel dialogue all around the theme “Gender Equality in Stability Crises in the Age of Innovation and Know-how: Worries and Prospects” a concept similar to the just one chosen this yr internationally: “For an inclusive digital environment: innovation and technology for gender equality ».

The initiative has created it attainable to explore avenues and outline tactics to enable Togolese women of all ages to be essential players in the management of the stability crisis in the period of innovation and technological know-how. The a variety of presentations allowed the audience to know from now on the difficulties that are imposed on them in the confront of the phenomenon of violent extremism, terrorism, cybercrime and all similar kinds of crime. The conversations highlighted the possibilities for innovation and showed how knowledge of Info and Communication Technological know-how (ICT) by feminine team can support contribute to advancement at all concentrations. This signifies that women of all ages will have to use their knowledge of ICTs to counter the terrorist menace.

Partial watch of the audience at the converse-discussion.

At the opening of the communicate-discussion, the Secretary General of the Ministry in charge of Stability, Col Akobi Messan, underlined that the theme picked internally integrates the government’s worry in these moments of overflow of the security disaster in the Sahel. . He urged his interlocutors to make much more effort, get the job done and discovering ICT, which is getting an inescapable instrument.

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Akobi has also drawn the interest of ladies in shielding their kids from the dangers of technology. ” I want to chat about gender-based violence and all kinds of perversity by means of social networks“, he claimed.

The particular person in charge of the police station of the 2e District, Commissioner Badaka Egbéza, for his aspect, reminded his colleagues that beyond the festive side with stunning multicolored loincloths, March 8 is an option to demand from customers better residing and functioning ailments, to recall the achievements of girls, their struggles and the obstacles that boost gender inequality. ” The 2023 version will explode the impression of the electronic gender hole on growing financial and social inequalities. She will spotlight the have to have to shield the legal rights of ladies and women in digital areas and deal with gender-centered violence on-line. “, she clarified.

The ambiance was taken care of, on this situation, by many Togolese singers.

Bernadette A. GNAMSOU

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