Gladbeck: four-legged friend breaks free: woman with dog hit by train

A woman from Gladbeck almost paid for worrying about her dog with her life. The four-legged friend had torn loose on a railway line of all places and hurried behind as the “mistress”, the unbelievable happened.

At 5.40 p.m. the fire Department about the accident on one Railway line alarmed. According to notification were a person, as well as a dog of a Zug detected. Since it was unclear exactly where the person is and who presumed damage location in the border area to Gelsenkirchen lay, became the Gelsenkirchen fire brigade also alarmed.

After extensive exploration could both a woman and her Dog in the track bed be found. The Rescuing the responsive patient and the dog turned out to be very difficult because of the location. To the rescue he had to Vegetation on the embankment cut back and the patient about a worn long distance become. The onset of darkness made the rescue measures even more difficult.

Woman ran after the dog without noticing the train

Through the joint use of volunteers such as full-time emergency workers of both cities, both could seriously injured dog, as well as the slightly injured patient to be saved. The woman was subsequently put into the nearest hospital and the Dog in a veterinary clinic transported.

To that bad luck it came because of Dog torn away and ran towards the railroad tracks. The woman ran after the dog and did not notice the approaching train. The railway line between Gladbeck-Ost and Gelsenkirchen Buer-Süd was closed for several hours.

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