“Giving up is out of the question!”


On your marks, get set, go! The Boston Bar celebrated a brilliant opening on Wednesday evening – at least as brilliant as the corona rules allow. The starting shot has finally been given at Düsseldorf’s finest sports bar. A little later than originally planned, but nowadays you have to be happy when someone opens something new. We have all the photos from the opening ceremony.

Gastronomy Walid El Sheikh and his business partner Andreas Apostolakis are happy! Because when it started in 2019, they actually imagined the opening to be very different. At some point Corona changed our everyday life, but the two continued to believe in their dream. More than five kilometers of cable have been laid in the past few months, and live broadcasts of various sports are now to be shown on the 75-inch TVs.

All pictures from the opening of the Boston Bar:

Opening Boston Bar // Mi 05.08.20

Boston Bar

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“The opening was a matter close to my heart! Of course, after such a long time and all the costs, we have to start slowly generating sales, but the most important thing was to send a signal that it must go on or go on! ”El Sheikh explains and also addresses politicians in his words : “Especially in the field of bar culture, which many have already written off or consider rather not necessary! On the one hand, we are giving the city a new form of integrative sporting enjoyment, on the other hand, we are giving back the sense of believing in our industry and enjoying our form of gastronomy again despite the ‘new reality’. ”

Local clubs represented in the Boston Bar

As the first official sports bar in the city of Düsseldorf, the local clubs in the state capital are also in the spotlight in the Boston Bar. Whether Fortuna, DEG, handball, volleyball or American football: “We are talking to so many, everyone wants to be there,” says Walid El Sheikh. “There is enough space on the walls for the devotional objects of the local sports scene,” adds Andreas Apostolakis with a laugh.

Tour Boston Bar |  Tuesday June 23, 2020

Rundgang Boston Bar // On 23.06.20

Boston Bar

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In contrast to Walid El Sheikh’s other locations Sir Walter, Oh Baby Anna and Elephant Bar, the Boston Bar is said to be open all week. “We want to pick people up before and after sport – every day,” says the experienced restaurateur. It is particularly important to him to refer to his business partner Andreas Apostolakis and his employees: “I am very proud of Andreas and the team, which has worked on our vision to the end and has therefore shown courage even in these difficult times. For everyone at any time: giving up is out of the question! “

We think: The right spirit for a sports bar and looking forward to exciting evenings at Hunsückenstraße 20 in Düsseldorf’s old town.

Sport combined with nightlife culture

Düsseldorf restaurateur Walid El Sheikh opens “Boston Bar”

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Boston bar in Düsseldorf's old town: restaurateur Walid El Sheikh's sports bar is due to open in early July

Boston bar in the old town of Düsseldorf

Walid El Sheikh’s sports bar is scheduled to open in early July

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“Boston Bar” in Düsseldorf’s old town

Walid El Sheikh’s new sports bar opens in January

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