Give birth to drug dealers, but don’t stop after marrying the crown prince: The life of the princess of Norway in dog blood

Give birth to drug dealers, but don’t stop after marrying the crown prince: the princess of Norway has a bloody life

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Even today when the monarchy exists in name only, the royal family still symbolizes decency.

Every woman married into the royal family will become the focus of media chasing and the object of public judgment, just like the two princesses of the British royal family.

Kate can now be said to be the princess of England, but she was often scolded when she married into the royal family in the early days.

Not to mention Megan, but whenever she appears in a report, the British can chase 10,000 in the comments.

It is difficult for the princess to marry into the royal family as a commoner. Outsiders look at the scenery, sparrows turn into phoenixes, but the hardship is no less than roasting on a fire.

But there is a princess who was born in a chaotic and impoverished environment. She was once immersed in parties, drugs and men, worked as a waitress, appeared on blind date shows, engaged in drug dealers, and even gave birth to his son out of wedlock. Single mother.

This woman, called “life debauchery” by the media, has become the current crown prince of Norway. Her husband is the future king, Prince Harkon. The daughter she gave birth to after marrying into the royal family is the second in line and will soon become Norway. The first queen since the 15th century.

This legendary princess is Mette-Marit of Norway.

  “Party girl’s slutty past”

Mett was born in an ordinary family in southern Norway in 1973. Although he had no money, Mett, who grew up on the coast of the valley, was very outgoing and rebellious.

She spent many weekends and holidays in the valley. She also learned to sail. When she was a teenager, she played volleyball and trained until she was qualified as a referee and coach.


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But the coziness between the mountains and the wild cannot change the changes in reality. Her parents divorced when she was 11 years old, and her father’s alcoholism became the fuse of her rebellious youth when she was young.

As a teenager, the disharmony of the original family and the sense of powerlessness in life burned in her heart like a fire, and she wanted to vent this anger.

In her third year of high school, she shaved all her hair.

“I went through a stage where I felt the pain in my heart as much as possible, and then came out in anger and sadness.”


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Life never went smoothly for the bottom people, and her rebellion did not end. As a part-time student, because she did not go to school full-time, it took her six years to complete high school, and finally went to a restaurant as a waiter.

In the late 1990s, she participated in the largest music festival in Norway in her hometown and met Crown Prince Haakon at a garden party, but there was no follow-up at the time.

Later, after she became a single mother, she met the prince again at another party. This time, the two talents were destined to collide with each other.

But this little flame of love, once exposed, ignited the anger of the entire Norwegian society.

There is no other reason, but Meghan’s “dissolute past” really does not meet the standards of the princess in the hearts of Norwegians.

Not only did she lack education, she had lived a life of partying for a long time, she also got together with drug dealers (TV series), gave birth to children for drug dealers, and became a single mother.


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Living in this “drugs available everywhere” environment, who would believe that she has never taken drugs?

How can the Norwegian people accept such a woman to marry into the royal family as a princess?

  The “full black history” princess

On December 1, 2000, after about a year of dating, the royal family disclosed the engagement of Prince Haakon and Met, and public opinion exploded for a while.

In 2001, the Norwegian media went crazy, picking up Mette’s “black history”, and magnifying the black mark and placing it prominently in the headlines.

The attack on Mette hit the newly engaged two people mercilessly like hail, and Mette’s party lifestyle was widely circulated in the newspapers.

Royal commentators in Oslo (the capital of Norway) directly described Met as “more like Fergie than Diana.”

Fergie here refers to Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom, nicknamed Fergie. She was exposed to a shocking scandal. During her separation with Andrew, the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States was photographed by the media, and her toes were still photographed by the media. In the mouth of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, it is true that it cannot be denied.

The royal commentator used Fergie as an analogy to Mette, obviously taunting Mette and insulting the royal family.

Prince Harkon, who firmly chose Mett, was also scolded. Some people claimed that he must set a good example for his subjects.

Part of the reason why the issue of public opinion is boiling is that the prince insisted when he first dated with Met that if they decided to get married, his girlfriend’s past would be fine.

Under such constant scolding, it is said that both Hakon and Met were almost destroyed. Prince Haakon later admitted that he had considered giving up the throne due to severe criticism.

Some people were also worried about the child that Mett took. His son was only three or four years old. He was going to grow up under the monarchy, but he could not inherit the throne. He was in an awkward situation, which seemed to be bad.

To make matters worse, the media revealed that Mette’s father’s remarriage was actually a stripper half his age.

It’s even worse now, but it’s not without good things. Mette’s ex-partner-the drug dealer and the child’s father, he promised that he would not cause any trouble, although he said there was “crazy media pressure” and asked him to announce Intimate photos of them when they are together.

You may not think of the person who supports Mette the most. It is King Harald, the father of Prince Hakon. This king’s father does not have the idea of ​​”give you five million and leave my son” in the cliché plot. On the contrary, he is very Support his son to marry Mette.

Because Harald also faced a similar struggle, he faced heavy pressure back then and tried to persuade his father to allow him to marry a commoner, which is now Queen Song Ya.

It took him 9 years to get the king at the time, that is, his father, to agree to his marriage, so comparing his heart to heart, he understood the pressure that his son was facing to marry a commoner girl.

It’s just that he will not hinder him like his father, but will give this lover the greatest kindness.

The mother-in-law Queen Song Ya, as a commoner who married into the royal family, also knows how much pressure she has to endure, so she can only help and empathize with her son’s lover Mette.

The support of the parents comforted Prince Harkon and Mett, but they could not stop the frequent headline scandals, so they chose to openly hold a press conference a week before the wedding. Mett formally apologized to the public for his past.

She regretted it at the press conference with tears streaming down her face,

“When I was young, my rebellion was stronger than many people, and it made me lead a pretty crazy life.”

“I want to take this opportunity to say that I condemn drugs and I cannot go back in time to make the right choice, even though I wish I could.

I hope that I can avoid talking about my past as much as possible now, and I hope the media can respect this wish. “

On August 25, 2001, the couple held their wedding at Oslo Cathedral.

The bride was immersed in happiness and wept with joy during the hour-long ceremony.

In order to show unity, Mette held his 4-year-old son Marius on the balcony of the royal palace. This was Marius’ first important appearance.

  The “drag oil bottle” loved by the whole world

After the real marriage, the attitude of the Norwegians towards Mett has changed significantly.

In fact, at the time of the wedding, there were already thousands of people cheering on the street. After all, the Norwegian royal family hadn’t engaged in a wedding for decades. It was human instinct to join in the fun.

Since getting married, most Norwegians feel good about her having completed all the official work.

According to surveys, more than one-third of Norwegians believe that the crown prince is a good role model for young people, while only one-tenth think she is not a good role model.

In fact, delving into Mette’s “dark history”, the most unacceptable thing for Norwegians is the environment where she used to be “drug-prone”.

Norwegian journalists believe that things like single mothers and having children cannot be regarded as a blow to Mette, because this is the norm in Norway.

“There is no prejudice. This is the way of life in Norway.

Most children are born out of wedlock, and people have long-term relationships, but it is normal not to have married parents. “

Many people may think that when he enters the royal family as a “oil bottle”, Mette’s eldest son will definitely not be seen by the royal family and the people.

But the fact is that Prince Haakon has always been a competent father, and the king and his wife also regarded Met’s son Marius as their own grandson and a member of the royal family.

Marius has a good relationship with his half-sister and brother.

Marius has always been a member of the Norwegian royal family, participating in official family-style activities.

Although legally speaking, Marius did not have the right to inherit, but in the process of growing up, he was not excluded by the royal family, but as a close family member, staying together.

For so many years, Prince Haakon has been Marius’ second father.

From small to large, share the love of surfing and music together (TV series).

On the first day of school, Marius was accompanied by three parents-his mother, his father, and Prince Harkon.

Even outsiders would not question the father-son relationship between Hakon and Marius.

Marius was not rebellious when he was a teenager. He often recommended music to Prince Haakon and went to Rihanna’s concert in Oslo.

The royal family is like a family, so what attitude do Norwegians have towards Marius?

The public is even more enthusiastic about the eldest son of the princess. When the princess is performing official duties throughout Norway, people always ask her about Marius and often give him gifts.

In fact, she is purely worried about the child, afraid that such a child who is brought into a new family by his mother will not adapt, and wants to make sure that he will not feel neglected.

“Everyone cares about her son, he must be the most favored child in Norway, because people will be very worried, afraid that he will feel that his position in the royal family is not right.”

  Finding a surrogate, making pedophiles and getting scolded

Norwegian people’s acceptance of children is very obvious. Also accepted is Mette’s path as the crown prince. Although it was a hell start, she still slightly changed the impression in the hearts of the people.

On the one hand, it is because the people are more tolerant and gradually ignore Mette’s past over time, and on the other hand, it is also because of Mette’s own efforts.

Not to mention her active participation in official duties as the crown prince, the most important thing is that she has been constantly improving herself.

People are strongly opposed to her drug-related past, and it is unacceptable for her not to have a college degree.

According to a reporter from the Norwegian newspaper, most Norwegian women want to pursue their own careers.

“You can have children, but you should also be able to earn money to support your family. You should go to school.”

As the crown prince, Mette is really not very decent only with a high school degree, so in the second year of her marriage, she went to study at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She also plans to study development and foreign aid work at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Later, he also performed very well in public affairs such as charity and aid in Norway. Norwegians are more and more satisfied with the crown prince.

But it may be that Mette needs to catch horses in his life. In the past 20 years after his wedding, Mette is not without other negative news, some of which are even related to scandals that shocked the world.

In 2012, she assisted a Norwegian couple who was connected to the royal family to purchase surrogacy services in India (special feature). You should know that surrogacy is prohibited in Norway, and commercial surrogacy is human trafficking.

Isn’t this a proper exploitation of women in developing countries, knowing and breaking the law?

Such an approach naturally caused great controversy. What is also shocking is the friendship between Mett and the notorious pedophile Epstein.

In 2008, Epstein was convicted of sex trafficking in underage children and was released from prison.

But from 2011 to 2013, Mette also met this pedophile and sex offender many times.

Even Prince Haakon has met Epstein.

One is the crown prince and the other is the pedophile rich. No one can think of the “friendship” between the two.


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Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom resigned from all public positions due to his long-term relationship with Epstein and allegations of sexual abuse. When the scandal became the most serious, the Norwegian media exposed the connection between Mett and Epstein.

But because the connection between the two did not cause public harm, Mette only issued a statement to clarify that she regretted not being able to investigate Epstein’s past.

The royal palace public relations stated that because Epstein tried to use his relationship with the crown prince to “influence others,” the crown prince stopped contacting Epstein.

Looking at it this way, it did not cause any harm, but it was enough to make people question her by playing with Epstein.

However, at this time, Mette is not a single mother who was madly targeted by the media 20 years ago and could only cry and shed tears. She was already one of the most popular members of the Norwegian royal family. Status cannot easily be shaken.

In the past two decades, Mette’s image in the public has reversed. She is able to do her job well, and she also focuses on improving herself. She has done well in all aspects.

But the abuse of power, helping acquaintances find surrogacy, and having a good relationship with Epstein is uncomfortable.

A single mother with a full black history becomes the recognized crown prince and concubine, but the future queen, after marrying into the royal family, helps someone find a surrogate, and abuses her power to a certain extent…

If you think about it carefully, whether it’s the crazy first half of your life or the decent second half of your life, you’re very catching horses…



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