«November 6, 2020. Two years that seem like ten for the things that have happened, for the people I am grateful to and for my growth as a woman. Two years since “Ciao Pier” ». These are the words that Giulia Salemi has recently decided to dedicate to herself and to all the people she loves, including obviously her boyfriend Pierpaolo Pretelli, to celebrate the anniversary of her second entry into the house of the “Big Brother VIP ”, A day that inevitably changed her life.

And here in fact Giulia and Pierpaolo in Milan, always united and close-knit, outside the Radetzky Cafè together with another important member of their family, the four-legged friend Prince Valiant. Smiling and in love, the two stroll through the streets of the city towards new adventures … work but not only.

Tags: Giulia Salemi, Milan, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Prince Valiant