Gimena Accardi and her particular vision of infidelity

With humor he referred to the 14 years they have been together.

For fourteen years, Gimena Accardi and Nicolas Vazquez they make up one of the most established couples in the world. In a recent interview, the actress revealed how they managed to be together so long ago and also if I would forgive an infidelity.

Invited days ago to The Mammons (America), Gimena participated in the segment “24 a las 24”, where the guest must answer the questions with a “yes” or “no” sign. When Jey Mammon asked her if she would forgive an infidelity, she responded with humor: “Between us yes, but we must say no, because otherwise he …”. In this way he joked with the possibility that the actor is with another woman if he knows that he has the “ok” from his wife.

Wanting to know a little about the intimacy of the marriage, the driver asked: “Did your libido rise in quarantine?” Hearing it, Gimena’s reaction was instantaneous: “Yes”. At that moment, Jey went for more and asked her if the number of sexual relations had increased, since it was a fact that she previously revealed in a report. “I dont know, but the quarantine was very good”, He assured.

The hot questions did not stop and far from shrinking, Accardi provided more details in the classic ping pong. “Morning or night”, were the options that did not end up opting for any. “If you give me a choice, I prefer in the afternoon, 6, 7, when people are coming back from working during peak hours, when Panamericana is overflowing with cars ”, she launched tempted.

The actors have been together for 14 years. (Photo: Instagram / @ gimenaaccardi)

Likewise, she acknowledged that she is not a very loving person, unlike her husband: “I don’t like touching, it bothers me, it tickles me and Nico, on the contrary, is very cuddly.”

The hottest confessions of the actress.

Finally, he explained: “There is no jealousy in the couple, we met acting, you’re jealous you can’t have an actor partner. This year we are 14 together ”.

Gimena Accardi and Nico Vázquez were married in 2016 after several years of dating. (Photo: File)By: @nicovazquezok | Instagram

In another part of the report, Gimena was asked which of her friends she prefers, Paula Chaves or La China Suárez. Although he assured that he cares for both of them, he stayed with the model, despite his recent reconciliation with Eugenia.

Accardi went several years without speaking with the ex Almost angels. The actresses, who were very close, distanced themselves in 2016 and met again four years later, on the occasion of the death of Gimena’s father.

The actresses were estranged for several years and in 2020 they became friends. (Photo: File)

At that time, after the reconciliation, he explained: “We adore and love each other very much. We were estranged for a while, but later, in private, we spoke a thousand times, we meet in thousands of events, we embrace. We talk about Rufina, I ask her about the boys. She asks me things. I’m in touch, super in touch. What happens is that I do not make it public. It’s not that I take a photo and upload it. Everything is super good ”,


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