Ghent: two police officers injured after an accident between two intervention vehicles on the way to the riots

Two police vehicles were involved in a serious traffic accident on Saturday morning.

A Ghent, two police cars were involved in a serious traffic accident on Saturday morning. Two police officers, who were on their way to the scene of the riots in the nightlife district of Overpoort, were in danger of death for an instant. This is what the Attorney General of East Flanders reports.

The accident happened shortly after four in the morning on Saturday. The two police vehicles, a Volkswagen Tiguan and a combi, were on their way to the Overpoort to lend a hand to the riots. At the crossroads of Martelaarslaan and Great Britainlaan, the driver of the Volkswagen Tiguan likely lost control of his steering wheel and collided with a tram pole. The vehicle ended up in the road and the police combi was apparently unable to avoid his colleagues’ car.

Stable state

Two police officers were briefly in danger, but are currently in stable condition. The public prosecutor appointed a traffic expert to investigate the circumstances of the accident.

There were no judicial arrests during the Overpoort riots. They were dealt with administratively.


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