Getting started – The Huawei Watch GT2e, a connected watch to appeal to athletes


With its integrated GPS, its algorithm dedicated to the heart rate, its hundreds of recognized sports and its large battery, the Watch GT 2e aims to seduce athletes. Mission successful? Here are our first user feedback.

If Huawei is experiencing difficult months on the smartphone market, the Chinese giant is encountering a much calmer situation with regard to its connected watches. Emancipated from Google thanks to Lite OS, the company can continue to release its different models without multiplying the warning messages before purchase. Here is the Watch GT 2e, a sporting version of the Watch GT 2 in 46 mm, already passed by our test benches, but offered at a slightly more attractive price.

A watch still limited by its OS

By its sporting ambition, this Watch GT 2e sports more rounded curves than the original Watch GT 2. Exit the large push buttons, place slight growths on the edge of the stainless steel case. Imposing with its 46 mm diagonal, it turns out to be rather well finished. The bracelet has enough notch to suit all wrist circumferences. Overall, this Watch GT 2e looks nice, although a little big, when worn. Its 1.39 inch slab looks rather convincing at first. The screen is just bright enough to be readable in direct sunlight. It is also large enough to allow comfortable reading of notifications.

Unfortunately, the operating system remains the weak point of the tocantes signed Huawei. And this Watch GT 2e is no exception. Lite OS remains just as messy and slow. We are far from the smooth navigation of a Galaxy Watch Active 2. It is therefore necessary to adapt to the interface before taking full advantage of its watch. The few new additions make the experience much easier but do not revolutionize it. Sports watch requires, Huawei added 85 sports to its range, bringing the total to 100 different activities. Convenient not to have to choose another “indoor exercise” right now. The watch has 4 GB of internal memory. Half is dedicated to the OS while the other allows the user to store his music. On the other hand, it is not possible to synchronize your tocante with the major music streaming services on the market, whether it is Spotify or Deezer.

The Sp02 measure as a bonus

At the rear, the heart rate monitor on board this Watch GT 2e seems to offer rather relevant curves. Note that the watch also proves capable of measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood (SpO2). Confinement requires, it is difficult for us to test the quality of the integrated GPS and others immediately, but we will not fail.

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