Get to know the seasonal calendar for fruit and vegetables

Shopping regionally and seasonally is part of a sustainable lifestyle. And it doesn’t matter whether you get the groceries for yourself or for your dog. But with the large selection of fruit and vegetables, it is sometimes difficult to find the right one to keep trackwhich varieties are domestic and which are imported.

A seasonal calendar with fruit and vegetables shows you which types of fruit and vegetables grow in which month – or are still available from storage. So you can easily see when you have which varieties Shop regionally and eco-friendly can.

But let’s take a closer look at the seasonal calendar of fruit and vegetables:

To the winter months include December, January and February. Despite the cold outside, the choice is mostly on vegetables however quite large. grow like this frisch Chicory, lamb’s lettuce and Brussels sprouts. And from the storage there are, among other things:

  • swedes
  • salsify
  • pumpkin
  • savoy
  • potatoes
  • carrots

fruit varieties unfortunately there are only a few in winter. Nevertheless, your dog will be happy even in the cold season apples and pearsthat the farmers still have in stock.

You can find delicious recipes and other exciting information here Seasonal calendar January.

Stay tuned – in our guides you will be informed monthly about the seasonal vegetables. Until then, we can recommend the food guide for delicious dog food toppings:


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