Gers: the courtyard of the Lombez school is being revegetated

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Renovation work has begun to green the courtyard of the Pétrarque school and limit heat islands there. This is a pilot project in the community of communes of Savès. Everything will be ready for the start of the school year in September.

The courtyard of the Pétrarque school is taking advantage of the summer break to get a makeover. The ground had to be redone, but it is finally a green courtyard that is emerging. The vice-president of the community of communes of Savès Christian Magnoac was on the site this week. “The project for this schoolyard was initiated nearly two years ago,” he recalls. The badly damaged ground had to be redone using bitumen. »

Students had their say

Before starting the work, the community of municipalities proposed to think about the possibility of revegetating the courtyard, which was accepted by the school council. “We contacted the CAUE, which questioned the pupils class by class by organizing workshops, as well as the teachers and the representatives of the parents of pupils, continues Christian Magnoac. Precise specifications on the needs of each allowed a landscape architect to propose a sketch presenting the revegetation of this courtyard. Subsequently, we wanted to set up a permeable floor while reducing heat islands. »

The Santos Borges company has provided an innovative solution: it is a Resineo process (mineral aggregate coatings for exteriors). Thus, at the request of the children, the Petrarch courtyard will now be made up of various spaces: reading corner, cabin, benches, vegetable gardens, various plantations, plant tunnel, trees and games.

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“An innovative project for the territory”

The budget excluding revegetation (which will take place this fall) is just over €50,000 excluding tax, including the disabled accessibility ramp, which has been completely brought up to standard. This work will be subsidized by the State, the county council and the region through the water agency (for the fight against soil sealing and for heat islands). “This innovative project for the territory is a pilot project for us. This new configuration will make the school very attractive.

Other courses in the territory should follow over time, starting with the Samatan school during its renovation.

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