Germany hosted massive protests against coronavirus restrictions

Demonstrations against coronavirus restrictions and compulsory covid vaccinations were held on Saturday in several cities in Germany. This was reported by the DPA agency with reference to the reports of the regional police departments.

The most numerous event took place in Hamburg – almost 14 thousand people took part in it. The demonstration in Frankfurt am Main gathered 8 thousand, in Freiburg – 6 thousand, Magdeburg – 5 thousand, Dusseldorf – 4 thousand. Protest events in the cities of Trier, Schwerin and Regensburg were attended by 1-3 thousand opponents of restrictions.

No major incidents were reported.

The German authorities want to introduce compulsory vaccination against covid this year. This topic is now one of the most acute in the German domestic political agenda. Experts fear that the move will further radicalize coronasceptics and vaccine opponents.

Currently, the restrictions in Germany are much softer than they were during the first, second and third waves of the pandemic. Basically, they concern the unvaccinated – citizens who have not been vaccinated are not allowed to visit restaurants, theaters, concerts, fitness clubs.

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